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SME & B2B Training and Courses Offered

Introduction to running your own Business:

Thinking about running your own business but not sure what it involves? This will help you decide. PRIME registration.

Planning to run your own Business:

A programme run by the Princes Initiative for Mature Enterprise (PRIME) for new start-ups who are 50+. PRIME registration.

Marketing your business effectively:

Designed to help new business owners decide what mix of marketing methods are right for their business, budget, time and target customers.

Introduction to Social Media:

For those new to (or sceptical about) Social Media, this is designed to help you understand what it is, how it can help, what platforms are right for you and how to get started.

Managing the sales pipeline:

Designed to help you understand how it works, we will also help you identify where it leaks, how to minimise the leakages for your business and help you make the most of your limited time.

How to conduct a sales meeting:

Having got an appointment in a busy diary you need to make the most of it. This is designed to help you maximise your chances of a sale either now or later.

Making a sales pitch:

How to decide what to present, who and how to engage prospective clients, make a memorable presentation and improve your conversion rate.


For PRIME courses register here Schedule to be announced shortly.


Do I have to register with the Princes Trust for Mature Enterprise to attend?

Not at all. PRIME offers extra help to those who are 50+ and just starting out but most of the courses are also available for those none PRIME clients and for those who are already up and running.


The PRIME ‘Preparing to run your own business’ really makes you think through your business idea and makes you face the important questions you have to face. Challenging but worth it and I constantly revisit the workbook 18 months down the line.

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