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Retail Business Courses

Retail Training and Areas Covered

Retail Service:

Designed for all customer service staff, where ever they work, to manage and exceed customer expectations – at the till, front of house, in specialist services or behind the scenes.

Retail Sales:

Focusing on the customer interaction we help retail staff engage, uncover and meet customers’ needs and have profitable customer conversations, individually, as a team in quiet and busy times.

Cross selling for experts:

How to provide all round solutions for larger purchases that meet customer needs, increase attachment sales, reduce returns and improve profit.

Merchandising and sales promotion:

Ideas and techniques to attract and engage customers from outside and inside the shop – from window displays to individual promotions and general shop merchandising.

Merchandising and stock control:

How to manage repeat and fashionable stock flows, maximise sales and make informed buying decisions.

Retail Sales and Service Management:

Retail Management techniques on and off the shop floor to maximise floor cover, increase volumes of customer conversations and exceed customer expectations in quiet and busy times.

Creating new footfall:

How to create interest, make yourself known and go out and get the customers you want.

Customer complaints:

How to handle difficult situations and resolve customer complaints face to face or online.  How to convert adversaries to advocates.

Retail Train the Trainer:

We are happy to share our expertise and help you equip your own folk to train your own people.


‘How to create your own footfall’ a training programme for independent retailers in Rugby. Contact me at  to reserve one of the remaining places.

Retail FAQ’s

What makes it different?

We create realistic environments and situations that you will recognise. We also focus on what good looks and sounds like. That means you can compare your own skills and decide what you want to work on and apply it the minute you go back to work.


The session was incredibly well received by those who attended. They were slightly apprehensive about the format at first but soon seemed very much at home in their new “department”. They all left feeling much more confident about how to approach customers effectively. After the course I had several calls from managers asking what we had done to their team who had just returned to their stores “absolutely buzzing” and “really enthusiastic”.

In Quarter 4 we received 45 ‘Green’ comments on exit surveys compared to four ‘Red’ comments. The ‘Green’ comments were overwhelmingly about the quality of customer service received.