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Learning Providers Training and Courses Offered

Train the Trainer for product experts:

Designed specifically for experts in their field and non trainers, practical instructional techniques to help design and deliver sessions where you show others what you do, so they can learn and go and do it too!

Facilitation techniques for professionals:

Train the Trainer techniques for those who need to create open and collaborative environments to share, discuss and gain constructive consensus in time limited situations.

Training delivery for behavioural change:

Train the Trainer for trainers. How to design, create and deliver experiences that people recognise, want to learn and can apply the minute they go back to work.

Consulting techniques for business partners:

Relationship Management for internal training consultants. How to navigate the corporate environment, establish fruitful relationships, understand needs, manage expectations and deliver successfully.


Autumn/Winter schedule to be announced

Learning Providers FAQ’s

What makes it different?

Training and facilitation skills are now part of many professionals’ Continuous Professional Development.  As a result, professional trainers need to add value in different ways. These courses focus on what you need to say and do to equip and support others, whatever your role or level of expertise.


You don’t run train the trainer events. You provide the most enjoyable experience where we can try new designs and techniques in the safest environment knowing we will get insightful feedback. So much more than a conventional train the trainer event.