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Calling all rural retailers – do you want to create your own footfall?

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Do you want more customers?  Do you want to learn how to drive your own footfall?  Are you prepared to invest time and be the driver of your own destiny?  If you answered yes, yes, yes then read on…..

This programme is FREE to businesses in Coventry and Warwickshire with a rural post code.

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Whether we like it or not the days of retailers being able to rely on passing trade and customers popping into town on a regular basis have gone. Finding ways of bringing yourself and your services to others’ attention needs to be done proactively – in-store and out of store. ‘How to create your own footfall’ is designed to equip you with the techniques and confidence to proactively go out and promote your business and get the customers you want.

What do I need to do?

Where: Atherstone, The Red Lion.

When: Wednesday September 2nd & Wednesday September 16th

There are 12 places per programme, to book your place call Alison on 07941259795 or email

What does it cover?

‘How to create your own footfall’ equips you to:

  • Determine what you need to promote to whom, when, where and how
  • Describe your products and services fluently and succinctly
  • Identify methods to engage with new customers, away from the shop
  • Conduct demonstrations with small and larger audiences
  • Measure success


Who should attend?

This programme is designed for retailers who want to drive their own footfall

How does it work?

The programme runs over two weeks and covers four phases:

1. Plan: isolate services and products you want to focus on, which customers you want to promote to, methods to reach them and the objectives you want to achieve

2. Create interest: based on the plan, this phase helps you to identify, approach and engage appropriate groups and bodies to reach the audiences you want

3. Rehearse: plan, prepare and rehearse how to demonstrate engage potential customers as well as create action to drive footfall to your door

4. Demonstrate and review: demonstrate to small or larger audiences and promote your services and attract them to your door; review and measure success

The programme consists of self study materials, 1-1 coaching, a half day planning workshop and a full day demonstration development workshop.

How is it different?

The programme is practical and designed to help you to help yourself. Sustainability is at the heart of the programme. Our aim is to share an approach that you can reuse and make your own so you can drive new and different footfall to your door time after time.