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Decisions by Design
Expert business training courses

After many years of working and delivering for others I’ve come  direct – providing a high quality, practical training that offers great value for money.


Decisions by Design is run by myself, Alison Read.

You can join one of the open programmes or we can talk about something specific to you. I am always happy to chat, with no obligation, that way you can work out if we are right for you.

My retail offer is based on personal experience of working at the John Lewis Partnership and consulting on retail behaviors here and in continental Europe. As a founding director of a Consulting firm, I know what it takes to find business as well as conduct it and after managing and delivering training for the best part of 25 years feel I have something valuable to share.

Please feel free to get in touch with me via the contact details at the top and bottom of the site on every page. You may also use the contact form.

What do I provide?

I provide expert business training courses to grow sales, increase profit margins and improve customer service. I offer customised courses onsite and open workshops in key locations around the country.

Who do I train?

I train retail staff, sales people, business owners, start-ups, product experts, suppliers and training professionals

Which sectors do I work in?

I work with retailers, SME’s and those who train others.

Why do I do this?

Why am I good at it?

I work in the sectors where you operate; I have personal track records in successful sales and customer service; I am a seasoned, accredited professional trainer and I understand the issues you face.

What makes me different?

I understand the sectors you work in. I specialise in what good looks and sounds like, help you refine your own skills and provide you with the confidence to improve what you do.

Bespoke training services for your sector

Retail Business Courses


Our services cover retail and retail management for small and large companies. We look at how to retain and increase footfall with existing customers and create footfall with new ones.

Learning Providers

Learning Providers

Train the Trainer services for non-training folk, training professionals, in-house experts and anyone who needs to equip others.



Services to help start-ups and established companies promote, sell and manage new business as well as grow existing relationships while making best use of their time.

Product Demonstrations

Product Demonstrations

Services for demonstrators and suppliers and those who need to sell through others and via 3rd parties.